Simon R. Downes, PhD, MS2
Clinical psychologist, University of Tsukuba, Tokyo, Japan
Associate (student) editor at Medshr in the area of neurosurgery

Co-producer at Neurosurgical.TV  and  Neurocirugia.TV
We host ONLINE international neurosurgery conferences through affiliate stations at our
‘mother ship’, internetmedicine.com.

HERE is a link to our latest online neurosurgery conferences.

Please note that the radiology cases I post are from my 2015-2016 rotations and case studies – some may be incorrect. Please use only as a reference, and do not hesitate to comment to point out my errors. The typical radiology cases I present (neuroradiology and other) are taken from Aunt Minnie’s atlas and imaging specific diagnosis.


Art on Call is a video series focused on doctors who possess special skills outside of their medical practice. Created by neurosurgeon and multimedia artist, Kathryn Ko, MD, MFA. (I am Executive producer for the video series)


The pathology videos I post entitled ‘Path Bites’ are videos of original text created by Kristine Krafts, MD.
Please visit her web page at www.pathologystudent.com     LINK TO PLAYLIST

I am a medical student at Oceania University of Medicine, which is a hybrid program that allows me to train
locally while I prepare for the usmle and local exams.

I have been a medical student trainee at IUHW Mita Hospital (Tokyo, Japan)
Department of Diagnostic Radiology (2015-2016).